Smith & Solow

ghostwriting for a better world

Your book can change the world.

But writing it takes time. A professional writer can give your ideas the voice they deserve, freeing you to pursue your mission.

  • Confidential – You’re the author. We never reveal our involvement.
  • Your Profits – The book’s earnings are yours; we never take a cut.
  • Efficient Yet Personal – Written with heart in 12 months or less.

The Ghostwriting Process

Our First Call

Whether you have a few notes or a complete first draft, we’re excited to hear your ideas. Schedule a meeting or email us to request a call, and we’ll chat about your book for 30-50 minutes. Within a week, we’ll send you a short overview of your book and how we’ll bring it to life.

Analysis & Recommendations

You send us whatever materials you have so far. We’ll research where your book fits in the marketplace, write you an industry pitch you can use when contacting agents or publishers, and make recommendations regarding the book’s structure, content, and tone.


If your book is a good candidate for our services, we’ll send you a detailed bid. In a follow-up phone call, we’ll go over any questions and establish a timeline for writing your book.

We Write Your Book

Working closely with you, we’ll develop a detailed outline for your book, then proceed chapter by chapter, meeting with you regularly for fine-tuning.

Ready to Publish

Your book is ready for the world!
We can provide optional services including book proposals, bestseller strategy plans, and other tools to help your book succeed.

About Us

Hilary Smith started working in publishing in 2008. Since then, she’s ghostwritten books for some of the biggest names in self-help, psychology, spirituality, and both traditional and alternative medicine, as well as for environmentalists, artists, and Fortune 500 CEO’s.

William Solow has a background in science, and has written extensively in fields ranging from astrophysics to positive psychology. He is an expert on creating and incorporating infographics, and positioning authors as thought leaders in their field.

We founded Smith and Solow with a simple question: how can we use our skills most effectively to influence positive change in the world?
Our goal as writers is to speak virtuously and empower virtuous people. We love to work on projects that create better lives, cultures, and ecosystems.

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